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Trekking delle valli e dei villaggi in the Park

Booking available for 2016 edition




The Locarnese National Park Candidate is pleased to introduce a new and exciting offer, that favors the discovery of its region: theTrekking delle valli e dei villaggi! Moving between lake, valleys and mountains, through villages, landscapes and breathtaking panoramas, this 4-day trek alternates some easy excursions and some cultural tours of various points of interest: terraced areas, vineyards, mills, churches and much more.

The Trekking delle valli e dei villaggi, on the first day, connects Ascona to Rasa in the Centovalli, passing through Corona dei Pinci. On the following day, you will descend to Intragna and get on the Via delle Vose towards Loco in the Onsernone Valley. On the third day you will continue to Russo and Vergeletto. On the last day, you will go up to the alps of Salei and Porcarescio. If you wish, you will be able to add a last leg to Bosco Gurin.

The second edition of the Trekking delle valli e dei villaggi will take place during the first week of July 2016 in groups of minimum 8 and maximum 12 participants, accompanied by expert guides (booking is mandatory and places are limited). Furthermore, this trek is open to people with disabilities (feasibility conditions must be discussed in advance with the organizers).


For more information:

Prospetto del trekking delle Valli e dei Villaggi

Programma ed iscrizione Trekking della valli e dei villaggi 2016





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