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A Park for everyone

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The territory is a public good belonging to humanity. Developing a National Park project also means evaluating and carrying out all measures needed to grant everybody access to the range of services offered by the Park and its region, keeping in mind that there are people with sensory, motor, cognitive or psychiactric disabilities.

It is therefore important, when developing a National Park, to think about everybody and promote those projects which avoid adding more barriers and obstacles to the ones that already exist. This implies doing what is possible  to respect everyone’s right to fully participate in the life of society, thereby enjoying what the territory offers in terms of environmental education and relationship with the local nature and culture.


Over the last few years, thanks to the important support of the Federal Bureau for the Equality of People with Disabilities (FBED) and the partnerships with “Inclusion Handicap” and “Federazione Ticinese Integrazione Andicap”, the first  measures have been initiated within the Candidate  National Park of the Locarnese. The measures include creating an accessible web page, researching accessible itineraries, training tour guides to obtain a diploma for accompanying people with disabilities in the mountains and networking with all individuals and associations that are already active in this context. Moreover, as a result of this initiative, new technical opportunities have been identified and supported to make excursions possible for people with disabilities, such as the use of the quadri-way and the “joëlette”.