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Agriculture, Forestry and Handicrafts Committee

The Culture and Landscape Committee consists of representatives of farmer associations, idividual farmers, forestry contractors, district forestry offices, artisan associations, landscape foundations and association representatives.



Park Council Representatives
Sergio Guerra Committee President Centovalli
Alberto Tomamichel Member Valle Rovana
Achille Gamboni Member Onsernone
Silvano Baccalà Member Circolo Isole



Public Entities and Associations Representatives
Tourist office 1
Associations for regional development (Pro Onsernone, etc.) 1
Agricultural associations 2
Natural science associations: mycology, geology, bird protection 1
Foundations and associations for landscape protection 1
Ethnographic museums 1
Artisan associations 1
Forestry entrepreneurs association (ASIF) 1



Coordination and task delegation
Board member, committee chair Gabriele Bianchi
Deputy Pippo Gianoni