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The map which constitutes the perimeter and the area of the "Progetto Parco Nazionale del Locarnese" is described as follows:


The study area spans an area of 222 square km with the following limits:

  • west: the Swiss national border
  • north: the ridge between Onsernone and Maggia Valleys, and the additional two communes of Rovana Valley (Bosco Gurin and Linescio)
  • east: the bank of the Isorno River basin to the borders of the commune of Tegna
  • south: the communes of Terre di Pedemonte (Cavigliano and Verscio), the Communes of the Circle of The Islands and the Brissago Islands

The territory encompasses 14 communes and 5 subregional contexts:

  • Centovalli, Onsernone Valley, Rovana Valley, Terre di Pedemonte and the area of the Circle of The Islands
  • 7 communes for the municipal land (enclaves included), which are Onsernone, Mosogno, Isorno, Gresso, Vergeletto, Linescio, Bosco Gurin
  • 7 communes for their preserved land, which are Centovalli, Cavigliano, Verscio, Brissago, Ronco s/Ascona, Ascona and Losone


The Brissago Islands represent an element of great value for the environment and the landscape and are part of the Park project even though they are physically separated from the lake

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