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The Park's T-Shirt

Personalized Handcrafted T-shirts


An ant living in one of the many giant anthills in the Onsernone Forest Reserve, a water lily of the Brissago Islands or a delicate alpine orchid

of Bosco Gurin’s pastures. Or maybe a frog napping in the Bosco di Maia in Arcegno, a swift that has made its nest in Intragna’s clock tower

or an ibex climbing the tops of Rosso di Ribia. One of the characteristics of the future Locarnese National Park is its extraordinary biodiversity enclosed in a radius of only 35km.

Choose the Park's animal, flower or plant  that will accompany you in the discovery of this wonderful area!  Choose the type of T-shirt (T-shirt or

polo shirt) and the color (white or forest green). Sara, the seamstress at the Atelier Leti Abiti Fatati in Comologno, will handcraft your personalized T-shirt, which

you will receive directly at home within a few weeks. Each T-shirt will therefore be a precious unique piece, handcrafted and tailor-made.

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The Atelier Leti Abiti Fatati

The Candidate Locarnese National Park endorses ideas and activities promoted by the local inhabitants, such as  the Atelier Leti Abiti Fatati in the Onsernone

Valley, which has found an excellent way to recycle fabrics  and other accessories recovered from second-hand clothing (buttons, ribbons, etc.): t-shirts and other creations are decorated with fun customized  patchwork. These kinds of recyclable materials are always welcome and can be delivered directly  to the Atelier.  For more information: LETI ABITI FATATI on facebook.

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