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The Park

Locarnese National Park Project

The Locarnese National Park is a joint project of 8 Towns and 12 Districts ( public entities managing properties) aiming at protect and promote an area of extraordinary beauty and unique, which extends from the Brissago Islands on Lake Maggiore, to the village of Bosco Gurin, the only Valser settlement of Ticino. Comprising an area of just 35km, the Project’s elevation ranges between 193 m on Lake Maggiore’s shores, and 2'863 m.s.m. at the top of Wandfluhhom (Pizzo Biela), ranging from a subtropical to an alpine climate.

The objective of the Locarnese National Park Project is to protect the treasures enclosed in this territory in collaboration with public entities, associations and population, promoting tourism and typical product, so as to promote the sustainable development of the region.

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