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The Project

Park Project

In 2000 the Locarno and Vallemaggia Region and the interested Communes petitioned for candidacy for a new Swiss National Park. The Park project had been identified as a hub for a series of initiatives committed to withstand and reverse the inexorable economic and demographic decline of the suburban Valleys of the "Locarnese" area and to promote their major asset: a unique landscape where nature majestically cohabitates with the thriving and pluricentenarian alpine culture.

Since its conception, the project has been geared toward developing an "anthropic park", where people are about, reside and work, instead of being simply a nature reserve, like the first and, so far, only Swiss National Park in the Engadin, based on completely dissimilar norms than those on which this project is based.


Besides becoming a destination spot for enthusiastic visitors, nature lovers, school groups and researchers, the "Parco Nazionale del Locarnese" is intended to give a future perspective to its population. It will, therefore, act as a vessel for various initiatives prompted by the sustainable development principle and will represent a valid marketing instrument to promote both the territory and its products and services. The park project as it is conceived is in tune with the orientations of the new regional politics and represents the most important project for the "Locarnese" area from this perspective. 

The democratic procedure

The creation of a park follows a democratic procedure: the initiative must come from the interested communes, which must take charge of its strategic management and control in both the project and the management phases through the Park Council, which is formed in majority by their delegates and the delegates of the "Patriziati". In order to get the biggest number possible of public entities, associations and interested private entities involved in the decisional process, a series of thematic committees have been instituted. These committees are tasked with assessing and assembling all the necessary elements of the institution of the park. Upon completion of the detail planning phase, between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, the citizens of the interested communes will be asked to vote on the Park Map. This will be the last mandatory step before obtaining the "National Park" label from the Swiss Confederation.